Friday, May 20, 2011

More Stickers!

These are from various folks, including a few from Burning Man last year, lots from my friend Jim (Thanks Jim!), and a few from the Jet City Roller Girls roller derby up in Everett. I'd love pointers on how to photograph shiny stickers if anyone has any.

Swordfish and I started cleaning up the bus today. There's mold inside, not bad but on the roof and windows. I think a dehumidifier is required for next year.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time to crank it back up!

Well, I've neglected this blog (and the bus) long enough. The pollen and moss have congealed into a rock-hard coating on some parts of the bus, and it's time to scrub it off and get started prepping for this year's Burn. We still need lots and lots of stickers, and the address is the same. I'll post pictures this weekend of the newest ones. Philip still runs great, I pulled him out and turned him around and mowed underneath. No mold inside, batteries are string, etc. I still have to find a place to get an oil change and a good once-over sometime relatively soon, so if you know of a good bus mechanic, let me know!