Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bus Update

It's been a little slow going so far. We've procured a few stickers, but even though the cool factor of at least one of them is high, the actual numbers are low. The cool one, from "To The Sea"'s guitarist (brush with the stars!) is understated, yet elegant. You can hear their music on MySpace (which seems to be the only thing anyone uses MySpace for these days). I like "Little Book". We'll put the sticker somewhere highly visible. :)
The other three stickers my 5 year old picked up at the Rock N' Roll Marathon registration.
I started painting the back of the bus with a brush, using Rustoleum oil based enamel. It looks like hell, but should be a decent base for stickers. The weather isn't quite good enough to keep painting (high humidity, low temps), but I have hope. The Man burns in 70 days!

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