Saturday, July 16, 2011


Last year, once we loaded the bus it looked like several suitcases, a kitchen, and part of a garage exploded into it. Other than the 4 seats and the 2 lockboxes, there was no storage or shelving in the bus. The Swordfish and I (based on his design) installed the shelving yesterday, and today I found a dresser just the right size for the platform over the wheelwell. I think I've got the dresser anchored appropriately, barring a rollover (which we are going to avoid, thank you very much). Next up, permanent placement for the speakers, outputs for the extra movable speakers, an amp to drive those speakers, mounting of the house battery, mopping, reconfiguration of the air conditioner in the bunkroom, and other assorted fun.
The Man burns in 49 days!

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