Friday, August 5, 2011

OMFG! 28 days?!

Ok, this weekend things kick into high gear. Frankly, the sticker volume from the post office has been, well, nil. This makes me sad. I cried. However, lots of local folks have stepped up to offer stickers and we've got a lot of those on the bus. Plus, She Who Will Be Obeyed and I took a vacation to the Hot Places and brought back stickers from there (check out the post a couple down from here). Overall, Philip is in better shape than last year. He's going in for his yearly check up at the spa (aka the SPA) on Tuesday. Dave rocks, he knows old diesels in and out. If you are reading this from some far away place (like, past Centralia), take a look around for some local stickers, throw them in an envelope, and send them to us! Cover Our Bus, #303, 16625 Redmond Way STE M, Redmond, WA 98053. Think of it as economic stimulus for the Post Office!

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