Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And...we're back!

Almost no issues with Philip, except for a tendency to overheat on hills when it was hot. Looking in the engine bay today, it looks like I have at least three different coolant leaks to address. Hopefully they are just hose clamps that have loosened up and not some catastrophic failure. THANK YOU to Cat and David, our passengers this year that brought some great stickers to put on Philip. They were also awesome roadtrip companions! This year Philip was part of the Art Pirates and the Bad Idea Bar theme camp at 2:50 and Hajj.  A theme camp (it turns out) is way more work than camping alone, but also totally worth it due to our Pirate Queen Piper and her excellent art direction, and our great campmates. We had LOTS of artists every afternoon for both "free studio time" and daily classes at 4:00. The shade structure worked out (whew!), as did the dome. Overall, it was an awesome year. Our goal now is to start working on next year's stuff now so that nothing sneaks up on us. Yeah, that will work. :)

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