Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Philip sleeps quietly in the backyard, loaded with much of the supplies for this year's trip. Tarps, metal poles, and plastic containers don't care much about the cold. I had a dehumidifier running with a hose to outside until the weather got cold enough it froze over. I'll probably set it back up sometime to combat the inevitable mold problem. The planned RV cover didn't happen this year, so once summer arrives Philip will get his yearly bath to remove the moss from all over.
We got several more stickers over the past few months. Rob, my college buddy, is by far the most prolific sender of stickers. I think he's trying to make sure there's only room for his favorite teams on the bus. :) Thanks Rob, we really appreciate it!
Several folks at the Burn this year gave us stickers, including our campmates Ned and Toast. Thanks guys! If you're reading this blog, drop us a line and a sticker or two. You can use those leftover stamps from all the Christmas cards you sent out.

Philip is getting a rack this year. It will be for transporting some things (not the trike, Swordfish) and a relatively safe hang out spot when we are there. Of course, nothing's been started yet, but I've been researching other racks on buses. Leave a comment if you have suggestions.

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  1. How about this as an option for Philip's rack. They used Unistrut as their foundation and it holds tons of weight (given the number of people I've seen on it). It's probably more pounds and cost than welding something up from scratch, but it is an option...