Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to pack for Burning Man, attempt #3

In 2008 (our first burn), we packed as if we were going camping on the surface of the sun. Lots of water (like 20 gallons too much), so much tonic water we literally couldn't give it away, and lots of items that seemed like a good idea here in Redmond (Earth) but were totally impractical and/or useless on the playa (the Sun). For example, all that tonic considering WE NEVER MADE GIN AND TONIC #1. Also, LONG PANTS. WTF was I thinking? Fat guy, long pants, desert, what? 

In 2010 (our second burn, 2009 was a bye), we packed as if we knew what we were doing. Ha. We did fine on the key stuff, but we didn't plan ahead and wound up throwing random stuff in the bus at the last minute (like additional ibuprofen from a free source on the way out of the parking lot). This caused lots of moop and made moving around the bus much like crawling through a dumpster being dragged at high speed through an obstacle course (yes, i have crawled through a dumpster. No, I'm not proud of it. Long distance was expensive in the 80's). Once we got to the playa and parked, not even throwing the vast majority of the shit out of the bus made it feel less crowded and disastrous. Now, I don't mind a mess (as my college roommates that never did the dishes will agree), but I found that the complete lack of order and inability to FIND MY SHIT damaged my calm at the Burn. I vowed to do better this year. 

This year, I have lists. I don't know if the Swordfish is making lists or not, but he better be. We've got storage built, and stuff has its place and will live there, dammit. Here is one of my lists (the food list. it was easier as an image):

Now, you will notice several things from this list: 
  1. We are not big on variety. At least, not food variety. 
  2. Location, location, location. Gotta know where shit is. 
  3. MRE generate "snacks". The scary quotes are to indicate that only those not in their right mind consider these snacks. However, under certain circumstances, they are tasty. 
  4. I like Poptarts. Mmmmmm...
The food list is the shortest one. Other lists include: the essentials, the kitchen box, liquor supplies (we have an embarrassing amount of horrible gin. maybe that's why we never had g&t's?), Other Equipment to be Packed, and the all-important To Do list. The strange thing about the To Do list is that it's never shorter. I keep marking stuff off and more stuff keeps appearing. Sigh. The Man burns in 23 days! 

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