Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday was a productive day.

Today dawned bright and early (for me) at 9:00 am. The overall goal for the day was to get Philip ready to head down to his spa visit on Tuesday. I got most of the way there, but got distracted by multitasking too much. At one point I was doing laundry, dishes, mopping Philip, taking the air conditioner apart, and building sawhorses. This worked fine until I nearly brought a sawhorse in the house to wash it.
So, sawhorses done. Well, as long as the table narrows significantly at one end.

Air conditioner is still taken apart, it works great, but I want to make sure it dries out completely before I put it back in the bus. Really taking it apart and permanently installing in the bus is going to have to wait until next year. I think it looks a lot like a droid from Star Wars with the covers taken off. Hopefully it won't try to run off or anything.

In other news, the smoke detectors are in (Safety third!) and I've also got a filter secured over the roof vent to keep the majority of the dust out. I'll use blue tape to seal the edges, but I wanted to have metal hold downs so that it wouldn't sag.

Lastly, Philip is all mopped out now. As much as I love the smell of playa (and believe me you get a heady smack of it when you turn on an air conditioner that was run there. It's pretty much a mini dust storm), it's nice to have the bus smelling fresh. This will not last.

Tomorrow, it's all about getting the bus contents organized so it can be loaded next weekend.

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